Newsela PRO Power Up Checklist

Find the Right Formula for Success with Newsela PRO

Newsela  provides you with deeper insights into your students’ growth, allowing you to maximize instructional time. We observed best practices from Newsela  classrooms across the country. Here are some Newsela  Tips to guide students towards engaged learning:

Set up your Class

Continuing with Newsela is easy. Here’s a reminder on how to get your students up and running: Quick Start Guide for Teachers.


Formative Assessment

Newsela will adapt to individual student performance and present articles at their just right reading level. Plus, you can compare your students to all students across Newsela.

Take 8 Quizzes to get started. 
 Insight: When students are engaged with at least two quizzes each you can expect to see reading level growth within 3-4 months. Read more.


Personalized Content

Annotations and Write encourage close reading and high level analysis with a text.

Share Recommended Annotations - Read more about increased Quiz scores with Annotations. 
Customize a Write Prompt - Make connections to current unit of study. 


Informed Feedback

Get immediate feedback on your student's progress on your article assignments in your Binder.

Review by Reading Standard - Find student strengths and areas of growth to make informed decisions in instruction.

Target Instruction

Teach with Text Sets that focus on students’ areas of growth and assign articles categorized by reading standard or topic.

Create a Text Set focused on a specific reading standard or unit. Share the collection to promote student choice.


Continued Learning

Stay up to date with new features and earn credentials for completion of training hours.

Take the PRO 101 … Getting Started Course 
Become a Newsela Certified Educator 
Attend Monthly PD Webinars

For Newsela PRO Schools and Districts

Leaders can promote district and school-wide literacy initiatives with insights from their Newsela  Binder. You can pinpoint areas of growth and understand how students in your overall school community compare to other students at their grade level. 

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