Classroom Activity: Craft and Structure Article Scramble

Classroom Activity: Craft and Structure Article Scramble

Using the Tackling Text Structure Text Set, select one of the articles below that you think will interest your students. Some suggested articles are:

Choose whether or not you’d like your entire class to read the same article or if you’d like to assign different articles by student groups.

Teacher Instructions

  1. Choose article(s) from Tackling Text Structure Text Set.
  2. Rearrange the order of the paragraphs in the article, by dividing the article by each sub-heading.
  3. Hand out the pieces to your students.

Student Instructions

  1. Read each section of the article to help you determine how the author intended the article to read. While you read, ask yourself:
      • Is the author telling a story?
      • Is the author using facts?
      • Is the author introducing a problem?
  2. Look for clues, and signal words to help you determine the correct order.
  3. Rearrange the article so that each paragraph is in the correct order.
  4. Reread the entire article to make sure it’s correct.

Once students have rearranged the article, instruct them to read the original article on Newsela. While they are reading, students will be checking whether or not the order they determined matches the article online.

While students are checking their work

  1. For each section, have students highlight signal and keywords that helped them determine the order. For example, a student might highlight the phrase “in conclusion” and annotate in the margin that this provided an additional clue it was the final paragraph.
  2. Have students complete the quiz questions and Write prompt.

After the activity

  1. Have a class discussion focused on craft and structure. Display the article and discuss with your students signal and keywords they used to determine the correct order. This can also be an opportunity for students to share words they thought were clues, but were actually distractors.
  2. Record the signal words and post them in the classroom for future craft and structure practice.
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