Primary Page (Polls Open: March 28 - April 8)

On Monday March 28 through Friday April 8, students in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and West Virginia are invited to join their peers in the first Newsela Students Vote caucus. Students will be able to vote using their Newsela accounts from 6:00am on Monday March 28th to 8:00pm on Friday April 8th in the local time of each state. 

Before the Primary

    1. Hover over your name on the Search and Navigation bar at the top and choose Students
    2. Type your class name, select a grade, then click Add Class.
    3. Click Invite Students.
    4. Share the Class Link or Class Code with your students.
    5. Each class has a customized Quick Start Guide that tells students how to join your class. Click the Quick Start Guide  icon on your Classes page to access the customized guide and share it with your students.
      NOTE: Teachers can't add students to a class.
    6. For additional help getting your students started, see Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Classroom Election Activities

Check out our Classroom Election Activities on how to make connections to this historic event. Have students read about the candidates in our Campaign 2016 Text Set.

Day of the Primary

Students and teachers will find the link to participate in the poll on the banner at the top of the Newsela page.

Best Fit Technology

  • 1:1 - Review our Classroom Election Activities  to engage students beyond their vote.
  • Media Lab - Plan ahead: reserve the media lab for this special event.
  • iPad/ Tablet - Use classroom set of tablet to have students place their vote on web browser.
  • Classroom Computer -Set up a polling station at the classroom computer and have students one by one, place their vote on their registered Newsela account.

Know Your News

Have student review local news stories in your State Text Set.


Still have questions about getting started? Contact us.

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