Newsela PRO Tips

Newsela PRO Tips

Are you a  Subscriber? We’ve highlighted ways to integrate Newsela classroom resources using features exclusive only for Newsela .

 Assign instructions: Use guiding and overarching questions provided in the classroom activities as instructions for that article. Students will be guided to think and reflect on these questions as they read the assigned article.

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 Shared annotations: Use provided comprehension questions as annotations to share with the class. Use the highlight and annotate feature to begin a digital dialogue with your students.

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 Customized Write prompt: Use the provided Newsela Write prompt in the article or connect content with guiding questions provided for that classroom activity. Customize the guiding questions or Write prompt that may work best for your classroom.

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 Teacher Binder Assignments View: Click the BINDER icon on your homepage. View the Assignments tab to monitor student progress for the assigned article in the collection. By selecting the assignment, you’ll be able to view quiz data, respond to student annotations, and score their Write response.

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 Teacher Binder Glows and Grows: Click the BINDER icon on your homepage. View the Classes tab to monitor student progress and filter by reading standard. Identify reading standards students are excelling at and which standards might need to be retaught. Use the Search and Navigation bar to select additional articles to help meet your students’ needs.

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