10 Write prompts to help connect students to an article

Here is a list of 10 Write prompts you can use to help students connect with the information in a Newsela article. NOTE: Only  educators can edit a Write prompt.

  1. Choose one idea in the article that interests you and explain what makes it so interesting.
  2. Write 3 comprehension questions for a partner to answer.
  3. OPINION: Choose one side and give 3 facts to support your opinion.
  4. Write 3 interview questions for the author of the article.
  5. Write a paragraph with a solution to the problem in the article.
  6. Find 3 examples of (insert figurative language or part of speech) in the article.
  7. Analyze the photograph in the article and answer the following questions: What’s happening on in this photograph? What makes you say that? What else can you find?
  8. Create a Twitter feed to document the events in the article.
  9. Summarize by writing a news broadcast for the article.
  10. List one thing you already knew before reading the article and one thing that you didn't know.
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