10 Tips for starting a digital dialogue with Annotations

When students interact with what they're reading, they grasp even the most challenging concepts. Newsela PRO's Annotation feature allows you to guide your students, helping them master their learning goal. 

 Tip: Instruct students to use strategies below by putting directions in the Instructions box when assigning an article to a class.

Try these Annotation reading strategies:

  1. Highlight a keyword or passage and Annotate a question to your students about that keyword or passage.
  2. While taking a quiz, have students highlight the answer or evidence of the correct answer in the text and Annotate the question number.
  3. While responding to a Write prompt, have students highlight keywords or phrases that support their writing.
  4. Have students highlight specific examples of a topic you are studying. For example: Figurative Language: Students highlight similes in red and Annotate the two things being compared.
  5. Have students highlight unknown words in red and Annotate a definition based on clues from the text.
  6. Have students highlight evidence in green that supports the Central Idea of the article (or any other reading standard you choose) and Annotate how the evidence supports the standard.
  7. Have students highlight in purple things that are surprising and Annotate their reaction to the text. 
  8. Have students highlight in yellow passages that spark their interest and Annotate topics they would like to learn more about.
  9. Use Annotations to highlight current events and have students Annotate a similar event in history.
  10. Have students highlight evidence that supports a Main Idea in purple and Annotate to paraphrase this evidence in their own words.

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