Searching for articles and text sets

You can find articles and text sets by searching for a specific term, subject, or keyword. Search results can be filtered by: grade level, reading standard, publication, or language (English or Spanish).

  1. Click Search Newsela on the Search and Navigation bar at the top.
  2. Enter the term, subject, or keyword you want to search. As you type, Newsela displays articles and text sets that match your search term(s).
  3. Use the following options to narrow your search results:
    • Click a grade or grades from the GRADE LEVEL section to find articles for a specific grade level.
    • Use the check boxes in the READING STANDARD section to find articles with quizzes that assess specific reading standards.
    • Choose a PUBLICATION to find articles written by a specific publisher.
    • Click Spanish or English at the top to find articles written in a specific language.


Newsela Search and Navigation from Newsela on Vimeo.

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