Newsela PRO Launch: Getting Started

Welcome to Newsela ! As a Newsela PRO educator, you now have access to all the amazing features that PRO has to offer. In addition to accessing differentiated news content and standards-based quizzes, you can now track student progress, annotate and communicate with your students right on the article and edit, view, and score write responses.


*Do not complete this step if you already have an account.

More Tips for Success

  1. Check to see if your school or district uses one of our single sign-on options
    • If your school uses Google Apps for Education, we recommend that all educators and students should always sign in by clicking “Sign in with Google”.
    • If your district has purchased Newsela PRO with another integration, please contact your District’s technology administrator for access to that portal.
  2. Archive old classes that you no longer teach. Read more here.
  3. Learn more about all Newsela features.

Let’s Talk

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