Helping faculty members join Newsela

A school's Newsela  account is created by a school administrator (District Leader, Principal, or Teacher Captain). Faculty members must join your school's Newsela account to take advantage of all Newsela  features. They have two options for registration:

  • Create an account by searching for your school. NOTE: They must register with a valid school email address to join the school's Newsela account.
  • Be invited using the Invite faculty link.

Viewing registered faculty members

As a Principal or Teacher Captain, you can see the names of every faculty member who has registered for Newsela and how many students have joined their classes. To view which faculty have already registered for Newsela:

  1. Hover over your name on the Search and Navigation bar and choose FACULTY.
  2. A list of all faculty members associated with your school will display.

    NOTE: Enter a faculty member's name in the Search faculty field to search for a specific faculty member.

Inviting faculty members to join Newsela

  1. Hover over your name on the Search and Navigation bar and choose FACULTY.
  2. Copy the link under Invite faculty
  3. Create an email to each faculty member you wish to invite. In the body of the email:
    • Paste the Invite faculty link.
    • Instruct faculty members to click the link and follow the prompts to register for Newsela. NOTE: When a faculty member clicks the link, Newsela will automatically associate the new account with your school.
    • Remind faculty members to register with a valid school email address.
  4. Include the link to the Quick Start Guide for Teachers.
  5. Send the email. You can monitor who has registered by checking the faculty list. See Step 2. See which faculty have already registered. 

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