Trouble with log in (Teacher)


As a teacher, when you sign up for Newsela, we require you to use your valid school email address. In some cases, your email address may be invalid when it should be valid. Below are some steps you can take to troubleshoot an invalid email address or a lost username or password.

My email is not valid

To create classes and assign articles, your email domain must be valid for your school. Personal email addresses ([email protected]) can't be accepted.

  1. Hover over your name on the Search and Navigation bar at the top and choose ACCOUNT.
  2. Click Edit  beside email.
  3. Enter your valid school email address. 
  4. Click SAVE.

If the email address associated with your Newsela account is already your valid school email, send us an email with the following information:

  • Your valid school email address.
  • Your school name, physical address, and website.
  • For the subject line, write “My email address is valid.”

I changed schools but my email is the same

If you've recently changed schools and your email address is the same, follow these steps to update your account information:

  1. Remove all of the classes associated with your old school. See Deleting a class for more information.
  2. Email Newsela with your new school name, physical address, website, and your official school email address.

I changed schools and my email has changed

If you've recently changed schools and have a new email address, create a new account with your new faculty email address. See the Quick Start Guide for Teachers for more information.

I lost my username or password

See Recovering a lost username or password for more information.


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