Introduction to text sets

What is a text set?

A text set is a collection of articles that share a common theme, topic, or standard. You can browse text sets created by Newsela or create your own.

Why should I create text sets?

Text sets help enhance your curriculum and spark your students’ interest of a topic. You can push your students to learn more about the world by building a text set around a particular theme or topic. Reading articles within a text set will help your students build their vocabulary and background knowledge on a topic.

What can I do with text sets on Newsela?

You can add as many articles to a text set as you want. Text sets are only visible to you but you can also share your text sets by email, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.

In addition to creating, viewing, and sharing your own text sets, you can search for and view text sets created by Newsela or other teachers. If you find a text set you like, you can copy the text set and customize it by adding or deleting any articles.

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