How do I sign up my students?

Note: Do you use Google Classroom? You can import your class with just a few clicks.

Once you have registered for Newsela and created a class using the Quick Start Guide for Teachers, follow the steps below to get your students started.

  1. Click your name on the Search and Navigation bar at the top.
  2. Click Classes.
  3. Click Invite Students.
  4. Share the Class Link or Class Code with your students. 

    Each class has a customized Quick Start Guide that tells students how to join your class. Click the Quick Start Guide  icon on your Classes page to access the customized guide and share it with your students.
    Note: Teachers can't add students to a class.
  5. Have your students register with the Class Link or Class Code on 

For additional help getting your students started see Quick Start Guide for Students.

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