Barbara Wing (Manager of Library Exhibitions)

Barbara Wing is the Manager of Exhibitions at Brooklyn Public Library. She selects artwork by Brooklyn artists and about Brooklyn to be shown in the libraries in the Brooklyn system of public libraries.

Suggested questions for students reading Barbara's Text Set:

  • What kind of art would you like to see in your public library? 
  • Imagine that you have been asked to make art for your library based on a favorite book. What book would you pick? What art would you make? 

Barbara's Profile

How do the articles you selected reflect your life and perspective on women's history?

I have always been interested in the performing and visual arts. I love the creative process and how it enriches my everyday life.

What has led you to do the work you do today?

Having worked with musicians (including classical, jazz & world performers) as well as visual artists for most of my life, in both the profit and nonprofit worlds, I am a strong supporter and advocate for all artists. I am fascinated with world events and realize that the arts are so universal and truly bring global and diverse communities together.

A woman who inspires Barbara:

My mother, who always encouraged me to follow my passion, to dream big and to never give up, was probably the most inspirational. She was also a very practical woman, and education (including preparation & studying) and financial literacy were very important to her, which she had passed on to me.

Who are your favorite female authors?

I am interested in some of today’s younger authors, with some (or former) connection to Brooklyn, such as Edwidge Danticat, Jhumpa Lahiri and Jacqueline Woodson, to name just a few.

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