Janna Wagner (Co-Director of a Nonprofit)

Janna Wagner is the Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of All Our Kin, a nonprofit organization in Connecticut that is dedicated to expanding access to early childhood education by training and supporting community child care providers. You can find the Text Set of articles she selected here.

How do the articles you selected reflect your perspective on women's history?

I hope the articles reflect the complexity of women's lives as well as the changing conceptions of women and girls, and their role in society. I hoped to show the progress achieved by courageous matriarchs before me, and all the unfinished work still left do by those of us who care about justice and equality for all.

What has led you to do the work you do today? 

I've always been deeply committed to social justice. Even as a young child, I was deeply struck by any inequality I witnessed. I knew, at an early age, that I wanted to make a difference in the world. Over time, I became interested in improving the lives of children and I became a teacher. I loved being in the classroom interacting with students and families, igniting the love of learning and ideas! Then, I had an opportunity to go back to my hometown to co-create an early childhood education program called All Our Kin. Fifteen years later, I am still there! I love what I do because I impact children's lives every day. I work hard so that every child receives a high-quality early childhood education.

A woman who inspires Janna: 

Everyone probably says this, but it's true: my mom!

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