Quick Start Guide for Write (Teachers)

Newsela has created a writing prompt for each article which is designed to assess reading comprehension. 

Step 1. Assign an article

  1. Click ARTICLES on the Search and Navigation bar at the top.
  2. Browse the Latest News articles or use the NARROW YOUR CHOICES options to view articles for a specific grade, reading standard, or language.
  3. Click the article you want to assign.
  4. Click Assign at the top left and select a class.
  5.  Tip: Type instructions for your students.
  6. Click Assign.

Step 2. Choose a prompt

Newsela has created a prompt for each article.
 Tip: If you're a Newsela educator, you can assign the default prompt as is, or you can create your own. The default prompt is automatically assigned to your students when you assign an article.

  1. After assigning the article, click Write  on the Reading Level Bar to view the default prompt.
  2.  Tip: Click Edit  to makes changes to the prompt.
  3.  Tip: Under Your Prompt, edit the prompt and click Save.

Step 3. Show students how to respond to the prompt

Once you have assigned an article, share the Quick Start Guide for Write (Students). Walk your students through the process of responding to an article so they know what to expect.

Step 4. Review student responses

Your Binder shows when each student has submitted a response. Teachers can add a comment to a student's response, as well as assign a grade.

  1. Click Binder on the Search and Navigation bar at the top.
  2. Use the drop-down menus to find the article you want to review.
  3. Click the gray box to expand all student activity. Once students have responded to an article, the Response column will read For Review.
  4. Click a student's name to review their response.
  5. Click a number  icon to score the response. 
  6. Type a comment in the Leave comments here field and click Post Reply. If you choose not to leave a comment, just click Post Reply
  7. Students will see the score and comment in their Binder. 
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