Learn More About the Newsela and Jeremy Lin Reading Challenge

The Jeremy Lin Foundation Reading Challenge starts Tuesday, January 19 and is exclusive to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

The Jeremy Lin Foundation Reading Challenge is a one month reading challenge that encourages students to read from a collection of Jeremy Lin Foundation aligned articles around Bringing an End to Bullying featuring an article from Jeremy Lin.

Exclusive only to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the ultimate goal of the Challenge is to raise awareness in ending school bullying, while encouraging students to read closely and deepen their reading comprehension.

I teach at a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School, how does the Challenge work? 

The school with highest number of points at the end of the Challenge will win a visit from the Charlotte Hornets Basketball Star, Jeremy Lin. BONUS! The winning school will also receive a FREE Newsela  School subscription.

Students will earn points by taking quizzes on Newsela. Here's how the scoring works: 

  • Students will earn 1 point for each quiz taken on Newsela
  • Students will also earn 1 additional point for each correct quiz answer
  • Students will receive 2 points for taking a quiz from any of the articles in the Bringing an End to Bullying Text Set  and for every correct answer in this text set

To determine the winner, the total number of student points are divided by the number of students enrolled at each school. Learn more about how scoring works here.

I want my students to get involved, what are some ways to increase student participation? 

Here are some strategies to increase participation and get students involved. Students can read independently, in partnerships, or even for homework. 

What if I still have questions about the Jeremy Lin Foundation Reading Challenge? 

Check out our FAQ page about the Challenge where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. 

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