Martin Luther King Jr. Text Set Activities

Text Sets help enhance your curriculum and spark your students’ interest in a topic. In honor of MLK Day, our team has put together an MLK Jr Text Set and three activities to accompany this new collection.

New to Text Sets?

If you are new to Text Sets or would like to learn a bit more about teaching with them, check out this webinar where our Educator Specialist talks about his experience using Text Sets in the classroom. 

Read more about each activity by clicking on the descriptions below: 

Activity One: Text Set Discussion 

  • Students will work in groups to identify the key ideas in their assigned article. With the guiding questions provided, students will make connections between past and present day. 

Activity Two: “I Have a Dream” Speech

  • Students will listen or watch King's "I Have a Dream" speech. As a class, students will identify the key ideas in the speech and have a class discussion around different articles in the Text Set. 

Activity Three: Text Set Drawing 

  • As students learn about the civil rights movement, they create different images for what this movement looked like. One way to help students share what they visualize is to have them draw it.

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