PRO: Viewing and replying to student annotations

 Tip: If you're a Newsela  educator, you can access any work your students have done, even if the work is for an article you didn't assign. This may include articles for another class or articles the student read independently.

Viewing annotations on assigned articles

  1. Click Binder on the Search and Navigation bar at the top.
  2. Use the drop-down menus to find the article you want to view.
  3. Click the gray box to expand the activity of all students in that class.
  4. The Annotations column shows how many annotations each student has added to the article.
  5. Click a student's name to view the student's annotations. 

Viewing annotations on unassigned articles

  1. Hover over Binder on the Search and Navigation bar at the top and select CLASSES.
  2. Click All Classes and select a class from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click a student's name. All assignments and articles the student has read will be listed.
    Note: Unassigned articles are marked Indep. in the Teacher column.
  4. Click an article and it will open in a new window showing the student's annotations.

Replying to student annotations

Students and teachers can annotate an article together by replying to annotations within an article. When a student creates an annotation, it is only visible to the student and teacher. When a teacher responds to a student's annotations, the response is only visible to the student and teacher.

  1. Navigate to the student's annotation.
  2. Click the highlighted text or the annotation.
  3. Click REPLY TO STUDENT in the Annotator.
  4. Type your response. Newsela will autosave the changes.




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