Classroom Election Activities


Extend the voting experience in your classroom with some of these activities:

Explore the issues

Use our Students Vote 2016 Teacher Guide to cover top election issues in the classroom, from education and criminal justice to health care and climate change. The guide will help you prepare your students to make an informed vote.  

Know your State

Share your State Text Set to have students choose articles based on top current events in your state. Discuss the top issues and make connections to the candidate's priorities that align to your state.  

Candidate Gallery Walk

Divide students up in groups based on the different candidates. Have your students research and read an article about their candidate. While reading, have the students record evidence on Post Its. Students will then share their evidence with the group and select the top ten pieces of evidence that they will share on their candidate poster. After all groups have selected, have students participate on a Gallery Walk where they can read about each candidate. 

Live polling

On the day of the election, set up your classroom to get your students in the spirit of an actual voting experience. Set up one computer where each student can take turns logging in to Newsela to cast their vote. Share “I Voted!” stickers to inform other students about their participation. Download the official Newsela sticker template here

Support your vote

After voting, have your students read an article about their selected candidate and complete a Write response on why they chose that individual. Encourage them to use Annotations to explain their evidence.

 Tip: Edit the Write prompt and share Annotations when assigning article.

Discuss predictions

After all students have cast their vote, bring them together and discuss their predictions on who will be the next president. How will this compare to other student results? How will this compare the actual election results?

Reflect on results

After the election, return to Newsela and have students reflect on the results. How do the student votes compare to the actual results? Have students write a letter to winning candidate about an issue they care about. 

Lesson Plans

For more ways to apply Newsela in your classroom, check out our sample lesson plans. 

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