Jeremy Lin Reading Challenge Prizes and Rankings

School Prizes

First Prize Winner:

The school with highest average number of points per student at the end of the Challenge will win a visit from the Charlotte Hornets Basketball Star, Jeremy Lin. BONUS! The winning school will also receive a FREE Newsela PRO School subscription.

Second Place:

The second place school will receive a virtual question and answer session from Jeremy Lin. 

Third Place:

The third place school will receive a virtual question and answer session from Jeremy Lin. 

Want to know how your school is doing?

If you are interested in seeing how your school is doing in the Challenge, you can download this PDF. School rankings are determined by average number of points per student. New rankings will be published every week.

*The "T" beside certain schools indicates a tie. These schools have the same number of points. 

How does the scoring work?

  • Students will earn 1 point for each quiz taken on Newsela
  • Students will also earn 1 additional point for each correct quiz answer
  • Students will receive 2 points for taking a quiz from any of the articles in the Bringing an End to Bullying Text Set  and for every correct answer in this text set

How does my school win?

The school with the highest Jeremy Lin Foundation Reading Challenge score at the end of the challenge wins. Here’s how we calculate each school’s score:

The total number of student points are divided by the number of students enrolled at each school.

Here’s an example:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School 1:

Reading Challenge Score = 10,000 points divided by 500 students = 20

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School 2:

Reading Challenge Score = 12,500 points divided by 700 students = 17.8

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School 1 wins

As you can see, the more students that participate and engage on Newsela, the more likely the school will win.

*Student Enrollment numbers based off of Charlotte Mecklenburg Report



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