The Year in Review Challenge

What is The Year in Review Challenge?

The Year in Review Challenge is an opportunity for students to read and think critically about some of Newsela’s most impactful articles in 2015. They will do so by completing a crossword puzzle and creating headline predictions for 2016.

Share Student Insights

Share completed crossword puzzles and 2016 headlines by using the hashtag #NewselaYIR on social media. Read below for details.

Crossword Puzzle

Share the crossword puzzle with students by printing it out or sharing the link. Students can complete the puzzle in groups or independently.

Student Created Headlines 

What will the world look like in 2016? Have your students create Newsela 2016 headline predictions based on these articles. Submit them on Facebook or Twitter by January 8, 2016 with the hashtag #NewselaYIR or with this form for a chance to win a Newsela prize pack.

Here are some guiding questions to ask students as they write their headlines:

  • What were some important events in 2015 and how will these events affect 2016?  
  • Were there common themes between the articles you read? What were they?
  • How does Newsela convey the most important ideas of the article in the headline? What could you include to make your headline even more engaging?

Some examples of potential Newsela headlines for 2016:

  • El Nino weather pattern helps drought in California
  • It’s a close presidential race for Trump and Clinton
  • New middle school to open, focused on learning only through video games

NOTE: Student work shared online will include only the student’s first name, grade, and state, unless a Parent/Guardian Release Form is obtained.

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