Testing: Science

Test it Out: Hypothesis

In this series of lessons, our Newsela Community team of teachers explores the topic of student testing from an interdisciplinary perspective. This is a great opportunity for students to investigate a current event with multiple teachers and content areas. To view and edit the full lesson open the PDF or .docx below. 

Newsela Article

Newsela Reading Standards

  • Word Meaning and Choice
  • Multimedia

Learning Objective

  • SWBAT obtain, evaluate, and communicate information BY discussing methods and problems in the articles about testing
  • SWBAT engage in arguments from evidence BY working in pairs to analyze the article.
  • SWBAT construct explanation and design solution for the problem BY creating a sample experiment based on the article

Learning Standard

Common Core Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

  • To evaluate means to judge.
  • Facts can be proven to be true.
  • Opinions are statements someone believe to be true, but isn’t always true.
  • To evaluate, you have to read closely and ask yourself the key question every time you read the paragraph.
  • To design effective solutions, you have to think of multiple different solutions and then pick the one solution that best meet the criteria for that problem.
  • A hypothesis is an educated guess.

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