Introduction to Newsela 5

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Start building a collaborative classroom culture with Newsela. In the final part of our introductory lesson series, students will apply content from a Newsela article to develop high level questions and articulate their evidence reasoning. To view and edit the full lesson open the PDF or .docx below. 

Curriculum Connections 

  • ELA 
  • Social Studies 
  • Science

Newsela Article

Learning Objective

  • Today I am learning…to use key words in my questioning, thinking, and predicting practice.
  • So I can…identify the different level of abstract and text-based questioning techniques and identify key words in reading and writing.
  • I know I understand when…I can  develop my own questions beyond literal recall questions.
  • Students will be able to…develop their own questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy of Questioning and articulate their connection to text evidence.

Learning Standard

Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative, and technical meanings; analyze the impact of a specific word choice on meaning and tone.

Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from and supports the information or explanation presented.

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