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About the Educator, Laura Brill

Ms. Brill has been teaching for 15 years, the last 10 of which have been at her own high school in Greenwich CT. Laura is currently pursuing a second Master's degree in Education Administration. Laura is a Newsela Community Advisor and Certified Educator.


Planning with Text Sets

When creating a Text Set you establish an archive of articles to prepare for lessons with relevant and high interest current events. To learn more visit our Text Set Toolkit:

Planning with Article Features

Article Actions allow you to personalize Newsela content to be best fit to your classroom needs. Teachers can Assign, Add to a Text Set, or Hide the article to save for a later assignment or assessment. Additional features include: Instructions, Write prompt, Quiz, Highlighting and Annotating. Watch our Article Actions video to learn more.

Lessons by Laura

Connections to Antigone – A collection of lessons that connects to the themes in Antigone by Sophocles.  

Connections to English and History – Short units that align articles to the themes in novels and history topics.

In Practice

Classroom Management

Don’t have 1 to 1? No problem. Try assigning for homework and have students return to class to join the discussion. Or try splitting students into small groups on computers. Some students will be able to read the article and take the Quiz while others work on another activity.

Additional Accommodations

Go beyond the reading level and provide a text to speech Google Chrome Extension to help students gain access to article content. We recommend Read&Write and SpeakIt!.

Reviewing Progress

The Binder allows you to review progress and give feedback to students. Teachers can review assignments by Reading Standard and use this data to plan future lessons. From this view you can also score a Write prompt and rely to Annotations. To learn more, visit our Binder Toolkit.

Call to Action

  1. Review our collection of 100 lesson plans written by teacher collaborators. Leave feedback and help us improve our future materials.
  1. Become a Newsela Certified Educator. This online training course will provide support on understanding Newsela features and in-depth classroom connections. Follow this link to learn more and register for our next available sessions. 

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