Newsela in Your Community: A Writing Contest

Your students are already making great connections between Newsela articles and their communities. Now they’ll have a chance to share what they’ve been learning. We’re inviting all Newsela  teachers to do the Newsela in Your Community writing activity with their students, and then to send us the best responses from their classes. We’ll be awarding prizes and sharing the most creative entries with the rest of the Newsela community.* We’re excited to hear what your students have to say about Newsela articles and their communities.

Instructions for Teachers

  1. Find a Newsela article about your state by searching Newsela or by using your State Text Set.
  2. Ask students to complete a Write response (one paragraph or shorter) for an article in your State Text Set. Use one of the following Write prompts:
    • Elementary school: If people from another state read this Newsela article, how would it help them understand you and the place where you live?
    • Middle school: How does this Newsela article connect to your family or school community?
    • High school: How does this Newsela article reflect a unique aspect of your city, county, or state community?
  1. Submit the top three entries for your class by December 9th for a chance to have them featured on Newsela*:
    Newsela in Your Community Entry Form
  1. OPTIONAL: After submitting your entries through the form above, you can email the top three entries for your class to one of your school’s Teacher Captains by December 9th for a chance to win a Newsela party or a Newsela prize pack for your school.

*Student work shared online will include only the student’s first name, grade, and state, unless a Parent/Guardian Release Form is obtained.

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