School Binder Toolkit

The Newsela School Binder is the key to keeping track of reading growth at your school. Administrators, librarians, and department chairs can request access to the School Binder by emailing* With this Newsela  feature, you can see school-level insights, students' performance on individual assignments, overall class information, and individual student progress. The School Binder Toolkit provides resources to master the actions of this powerful feature. 

  • Using the Admin Binder - an overview of monitoring the performance of the whole school.
  • Viewing the District Binder - an overview of monitoring the performance of the whole district.
  • School Binder Course - an online course covering everything you need to know about using your School Binder. 
  • District Binder Course - an online course covering everything you need to know about using your District Binder. 
  • Binder Video - a three-minute video showcasing the Teacher Binder as it appears to an administrator, which helps you monitor student progress.
  • Using the Binder - an overview of the assignments, classes, and student progress view of the teacher Binder as it appears to an administrator.
  • Lesson Plan: Using the Binder to Review Progress - a guided lesson that highlights Binder features to support student growth through reflection of strengths and weaknesses of Reading Standards.
  • Seeing Success in the Binder - a feature webinar to dig deep into the PRO Binder to monitor student progress and track student success.

*For information about the new PRO Teacher Binder, please go to the new Getting to Know Your Binder Toolkit.

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