Newsela Lesson Plan Template

Looking for ways to align your lessons to Newsela content? This template provides suggestions of standards and guided questions to further support your learners. A .docx is available to download below. 

Lesson Title

Newsela Article

Newsela Reading Standards

Learning Objective

Example statements about what students will learn from this particular activity.

  • Today I am learning…
  • I know I understand when…
  • Students will be able to…

Learning Standard

Include the standard that this activity helps teach.

Lesson Content

How will you introduce the lesson to your students? How will you teach them the skills they need to be successful?

How will you allow students to practice the skills they learned with Newsela’s Write + Quiz feature? How will you assess mastery?  


What scaffolds can be included to support learners?

Can you anticipate different reading levels for students?


How can you support high level learners?

Can you anticipate reading levels and Writing Prompt to challenge?

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