Español Toolkit

Newsela Español is Newsela translated into Spanish. The articles all originally appear in English, and they are translated into Spanish and published at 5 reading levels. Newsela Español is a helpful tool for teachers working with ELL students. Students can switch between the English and Spanish versions of the article to check for understanding. Below is a brief description of each item in the toolkit. Please click on the item to view the materials.

  • Introduction to Newsela Español - an overview of Newsela Español content and assessments.  
  • Paired Texts - selected articles with additional guided questions for discussions and extended writing. 
  • Lesson Plans - an example activity aligned to bilingual content to support ELLs with guided annotations and comprehension questions. 
  • ¡Explora Newsela Español! - a feature webinar video that discusses strategies to use Newsela Español to support ELLs and teach Spanish. 
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