Back to School Lesson 1 : Middle School

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Welcome back. Start building a collaborative classroom culture with Newsela. In part one of our Back to School lesson series, students will apply content from a Newsela article to discuss communicating, critical thinking, and problem solving. To view and edit the full lesson open the PDF or .docx below. 

Curriculum Connections 

  • ELA 
  • Social Studies 
  • Science

Newsela Article

Learning Objective and Essential Questions

  • Today I am learning … about the value of everyday tools I use to further my education.
  • So I can … have a perspective on what others around the world need, that may be simple to me.
  • I know I understand when…I can describe empathy and consider others when making decisions.
  • Students will be able to … begin brainstorming about the idea of empathy, defining their class community and realizing the importance of tools in our everyday lives. This ties to 21st Century Learning Skills -communicating, collaborating, critical thinking, problem-solving.

Learning Standards

Common Core Standards for English:


21st Century Learning Skills:

Learning and Innovation Skills: Learning and innovation skills increasingly are being recognized as the skills that separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century, and those who are not. A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future.

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