Antigone: PRO/ CON

Connections to Antigone 2: Individual vs. Government

In what ways is a government “responsible “ to and for its people? In this series of lessons connected to Antigone by Sophocles, students will make connections between this classic work and contemporary topics in the real world. Through reading, writing, and discussions, students will engage in the essential question: How far should a government go in creating laws for people to live by? Check out the entire Text Set for Literature. To view and edit the full lesson open the PDF or .docx below. 

Curriculum Connections 

  • English: Antigone by Sophocles 
  • History: Government, Civics, Ancient Greece

Newsela Article

Learning Objective and Essential Questions

Students will be able to make connections between the text they are reading and the real world. They will also be able to answer the following Essential Questions:

  1. How far can/should people go in order to stand up to a government?
  2. What purpose do the laws of government serve?
  3. How does Antigone’s situation relate to real-world situations?

Learning Standards

Common Core Standards for English:


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