Adding a co-teacher

Newsela loves co-teachers!

You can add another teacher, or co-teacher, to any class that you've created. This allows you and another teacher to assign articles and monitor students’ activity. There is no limit to the number of teachers who can be co-teachers on a class. All teachers must be associated with the same school on Newsela. (Note: You'll only be able to monitor student activity if you both have access to Newsela PRO.)

Below, you'll find instructions on adding co-teachers to your current classes via

  • Google Classroom
  • Newsela
  • Clever

Adding a co-teacher to a Google Classroom in Newsela

If you co-teach a class on Google Classroom, you can still add them have to your Newsela class. 

  1. Add your co-teacher in your Google Classroom
  2. Re-sync your class on Newsela to link your co-teacher by going to the Student tab of your Settings page and clicking "re-sync."
  3. Remind your co-teacher to accept their invitation to join your class through the email they received from Google Classroom.
  4. On Newsela, have your co-teacher also import the co-taught Google Classroom on the Classes tab of their Settings page. Both teachers need to have imported the Google Classroom.

Note: Make sure you select the same grade level during import on Newsela as it is marked in Google, since it will be changed every time you import from Google Classroom. Similarly, if you remove the class, it will also be removed from your co-teacher's Newsela account.


Adding a co-teacher to a Newsela Classroom

  1. Go to the Classes tab of your Settings page.
  2. For the class you'd like to invite a co-teacher to, click the ENVELOPE icon.
  3. Enter the name or email or name of the teacher you'd like to invite. (Tip: Make sure they're registered and part of your school in Newsela first.)
  4. Check of the teacher's name, and click INVITE.

Note: Once you add a co-teacher, you cannot remove the co-teacher.


Adding a co-teacher to a Clever classroom in Newsela

For more information on how to sync a co-teacher to a Clever classroom in Newsela, you can refer to Clever's Support Center: 

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