Teaching with Text Sets

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What are Text Sets?

A text set is a collection of articles that share a common theme, topic, or standard. You can browse Newsela created text sets and create your own text sets. To learn more visit our Text Set Toolkit.

Searching for Text Sets

Use the Search and Navigation to find a Text Set that matches your ideal keyword for your content area. You can also search categories of Text Sets. To learn more about searching visit Learning and Support.

Creating Text Sets

Teachers have two ways they can create Text Sets. Visit our Text Set Toolkit to learn more.

  1. “Make a Copy” of any Newsela created Text Set to add to your Text Set collection. After you copy you can add and remove articles.
  2. Create your own. Add articles to an original Text Set based on your curriculum needs.

Applying Text Sets

When creating a Text Set you establish an archive of articles to prepare for lessons with relevant and high interest current events. Here are some suggestions for Text Set applications:

Curriculum Development

  • Develop a scope and sequence with articles that link to daily lessons, assessments, projects, and homework
  • Hide articles from a Class in a Text Set to reserve for future use during curriculum unit.

Share with Colleagues

  • Make your Text Sets visible and share URL with co-teachers and team members to increase collaboration and interdisciplinary connections

Call to Action

Create a new Text Set based off your curriculum needs and share with Newsela educator community.


Ways to Share

Make your Text Set visible to “Everyone” and share the URL.

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