This two-minute video will guide you through the Newsela Highlight and Annotation features that provide research-based reading strategies to focus on finding central idea, supporting and explaining evidence, vocabulary in context, and more.

Newsela Annotations from Newsela on Vimeo.

Anxious to start using Annotations? You can learn more about the success of applying Annotations by reading this article: Annotations that Matter. Check out this sample lesson plan to get started with your students. For more information on using Annotations, see Using Annotations.


Try these Annotation reading strategies:

  • Highlight unknown words in RED and Annotate a definition based on clues from the text;
  • Highlight evidence in GREEN that supports the Central Idea and Annotate why this important;
  • Highlight in BLUE a quote that is surprising and Annotate why this evidence is surprising to you
  • Highlight in YELLOW evidence that is exciting and Annotate what you would like to learn more about.

Happy Reading!

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