Newsela Español

Newsela Español is Newsela translated into Spanish. The articles all originally appear in English, and they are translated into Spanish and published at 5 reading levels. Newsela Español is a helpful tool for teachers working with ELL students. Students can switch between the English and Spanish versions of the article to check for understanding.

How to find articles in Spanish

There are two ways to find articles in Spanish.

All articles in Spanish appear alongside articles in English. You can see if an article is translated if there is the word “Spanish” at the top of the blue reading level bar. This allows you to toggle back and forth between languages.

You can also search for all Spanish articles by clicking the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of the page. Then click “Spanish only” to view all articles currently translated into Spanish.

Reading levels across languages

Spanish articles may not have the same Lexile measure as their English translations because of the complexity of translation. However, the grade levels of the articles correspond across English and Spanish.

Quizzes in Spanish

The quiz questions for each article in Spanish match those in the English version. Please note that sometimes the answer options will be different. This may occur in questions with paragraph selection, as the paragraph number might change, or in questions that relate to vocabulary and word choice (Standard 4).

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