What does it mean to be a Newsela PRO Teacher Captain?

You are one of the most active and impactful Newsela educators at your school, and making you a Teacher Captain is one way of recognizing your expertise and giving you chances to participate in special Newsela projects. For example, we might send Teacher Captains an invitation to test out a new feature, an opportunity to share their ideas with thousands of other educators as a panelist on a Newsela webinar, and even some Newsela swag--keep an eye on your email inbox and your school mailbox! 

We would also love your help in building a community of powerful Newsela educators at your school. You have special Teacher Captain Powers in your account, which allow you to view the list of teachers who are using Newsela at your school and to invite other teachers to join. These features can be found in the Faculty Tab in your Settings page. For more information on this, check out the Quick Start Guide for Teacher Captains.


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