Student Video

In this brief three minute video students will be walked through Newsela with the narration of an actual student. Students will learn how to register for a teacher’s class, review their Binder for assignments, and begin to explore Newsela Quiz, Write, Highlighting and Annotating features. Teachers, please review our sample lesson plan and guided notes to help teach these tips and launch Newsela in your classroom.

Make it a Mini-Lesson

Check out a sample lesson plan to help introduce students to Newsela. Also see the Guided Notes worksheet to help students review while watching the Student Video. Finally, use the Simple Six Student Checklist as an independent classwork or homework activity to review the skills outlined in the video. All worksheets are attached as a PDF at the end of this article. 

Guided Notes

Directions: While watching the Student Intro Video use the guided notes to help review key terms to get you started with Newsela.

Before Watching

  • What are three words that you think of when you hear Newsela?
  1. ___________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________

While Watching

1. Sign Up for Newsela

  • What color is the “I’m a Student” box?
    • ______________________________
  • What are the two ways you can can setup your Account Information?
  1. __________________________________
  2. __________________________________

2. Join a Class

  • To register for a class I will need a _______________________________________ .
  • True or False: I can only register for ONE teacher class.
  • True or False: My Newsela account will follow me from grade to grade.

3. Begin Reading!

  • Where can you find Assignments?
    • _____________________________________________
  • A ____________________________ dot means that I have a new Assignment from a teacher.
  • Every article has ______________________________________ different reading levels.
  • Four different Newsela article features are:
  1. _________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________________

After Watching

  • How will you use Newsela this year?



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