Back to School FAQs (Teachers)

Whether you’re new to Newsela teacher or already an expert, you’ll find answers to all your back to school questions here.

How can I get started with Newsela this year?

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Save assignments from last year by creating text sets
  2. Remove your old classes.
  3. Create new classes for this school year.

How do I save last year’s assignments?

When you remove a class, all assignments associated with that class are removed from your Binder. If you would like to save some of these assignments, we suggest that you create a text set, where you can store all of your assignments in preparation for future years.

What do I do with my Newsela classes from last year?

When the school year is over and your students move on to the next grade, you should remove the class from your account. You can find instructions on how to do that here. This removes that class’ data from your Binder. All completed assignments and quiz results will still appear in the Student Binder and the School Administrator's Binder.

Can I remove students from my class from last year to prepare my class for this year?

We do not recommend this, as you will have to do this for every student. Leave all of your students in your class and simply remove the class from your account. See the question above.

Should students create new accounts at the beginning of the year?

No. Students should sign into Newsela with their accounts from the previous year and follow these instructions for joining their new classes. Students who did not have accounts last year should make new accounts.

What if my students forgot their usernames or passwords from last year?

Student Lookup allows Newsela PRO Principals and Administrators to:

  • Search for students already registered for Newsela in your school
  • Change their account information
  • Edit each student’s name and username
  • Change student passwords

Teachers at schools without Newsela PRO should ask the student’s teacher from last year to recover the student’s username or reset the student’s password.

How can I see my students’ results from the Summer Reading Camp?

If your students signed up before the summer, you'll be able to see their results in your teacher binder. 

How can I prepare to use Newsela in the classroom this year?

Check out our Newsela Learning and Support page to find a variety of resources, including sample lesson plans, a Write toolkit, videos, and more. Then talk to other teachers on our Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #Newselagoals about how you plan to use Newsela!

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