Math and Multimedia: Middle School

Proportions, Percents, and Avocados?

America loves avocados. Now your students can prove it with this application of a Newsela article. Students will apply their knowledge of ratios, proportions, percents, and equations to justify the growth in avocado production. To view and edit the full lesson plan open the attached PDF or .docx below.  

Curriculum Connections

  • Analyzing charts and multimedia
  • International Trade and Commerce 
  • Expressions and Equations 
  • Ratios, Proportions, and Percents 

Newsela Article

Learning Objective

  • Today I am learning…to apply information from a chart.
  • So I can…solve equations using percents and proportions.
  • I know I understand when…I can use data from a chart to solve equations about avocado production.

Learning Standard

Compare and contrast a text to an audio, video, or multimedia version of the text, analyzing each medium's portrayal of the subject

Use proportional relationships to solve multistep ratio and percent problems. Examples: simple interest, tax, markups and markdowns, gratuities and commissions, fees, percent increase and decrease, percent error.

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