Access to Newsela Elementary

How should teachers sign up students for Newsela Elementary?

In order to sign up students, teachers must first create a class. When a new class is created, you can designate any class as all-ages/Newsela Elementary by clicking on the toggle button. Note that, by default, all classes created for grades 2-5 will automatically be designed as Elementary classrooms.

You can always toggle your class between Newsela and Newsela Elementary by going to your Settings page and clicking the Classes tab.

Any student who registers in this class will see only those Newsela articles which the Newsela editorial team has selected for younger readers.

How do students access Newsela Elementary?

Students navigate to and register/login. When they enter the Class Link or Class Code for a Newsela Elementary class, they are automatically joined to that class.

NOTE: Students who are registered in more than one class where one class is designated to show only Elementary articles and one does not have this designation will be still be considered Elementary students.

For more information on how to sign up your student, please check out How do I sign-up my students?

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