Overview of Feature Videos

Below is a list of short videos we have available to help you start applying Newsela in your classroom. To see the video and more information, click on the title.  

How do I… Register Students 
Once you have students sign up for your class you will be on your way to assigning engaging articles and monitoring their growth. This video will walk you through the three ways students can register for a Newsela account: 1. Create a username and password 2. Register with Google and 3. Registering a student with an existing account. 

How do I… Remove a Class 
Trying to clean up your classes for the new year? In less than one minute will be guided through the simple process of removing a Class from your teacher settings. This is helpful for teachers that are trying to gear up for the new year.

Search and Navigation 
Newsela Search and Navigation unlocks the content you need to bring your class to the next level. This two minute feature video will walk you through searching for articles, text sets, and Learning and Support to best support your classroom learning. 

Article Actions
Learning how to assign and hide articles makes it easy plan for success in your classroom. This two minute video reviews assigning articles, adding content to a text set, and hiding articles for future use. 

This two minute video will guide you through the Newsela Highlight and Annotation features that provide research based reading strategies to focus on finding central idea, supporting and explaining evidence, vocabulary in context, and more.

This eight-minute video will help showcase the Teacher Binder, which helps you monitor your students' progress. You will learn to filter by Assignment, Class and Student. You will gain insight into assessing student work and using present levels to set future objectives for student growth.  

In three minutes you will become a Text Set expert. From Featured Texts Set to Texts Sets for Literature, you see how this feature is designed to help support the content of your curriculum. Teachers will learn to create new Text Sets and re-mix existing collections. 

This 10-minute presentation walks you through the nuts and bolts of Write. It explains the teacher experience, the student experience and how teachers can score and give feedback on Write Responses.

Newsela Español
This 20 minute presentation includes an introduction and classroom applications of Newsela Español article content. Teachers will review using leveled Spanish content to support ELLs and teach Spanish at all levels. Session includes a Q&A with the Newsela Spanish Assessment Producer.


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