Recognizing Educators

Here at Newsela, we could not provide the level of service that we do without our teachers. We have a network of educators across the country who not only help roll out Newsela in their schools, they also take the lead in providing feedback and advice on Newsela. We would like to thank a number of people for their ongoing leadership and support.

Newsela Community Advisers

We are always seeking to improve Newsela for all teachers. In order to assist us in this process, we have partnered with a group of Newsela educators who have many years of experience in education and technology. They are the Newsela Community Advisers. They are a group of educators from across the country who advise Newsela and act as sounding boards for ideas and initiatives. To see profiles of the Newsela Community Advisers, please click here.

Newsela  Admins and Captains

As part of the process of bringing Newsela  to schools and school districts, we enlist support from school teachers and administrators. These individuals are Newsela leaders in their schools, and we want to give them a shout-out.

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