Quick Start Guide for Teacher Captains

What is a Teacher Captain?

Teacher Captains are educators at PRO schools who have gone above and beyond in developing their Newsela expertise. Teacher Captains are invited to participate in special Newsela projects throughout the year, and are encouraged to share their knowledge with other teachers at their school. To help them do this, they also have admin settings that allow them to see who else is using Newsela at their school. If you have been set up as a Teacher Captain, you'll receive a notification email from Newsela. 

NOTE: This Quick Start Guide is specific to Teacher Captains. See the Quick Start Guide for Teachers for information on assigning articles and accessing your teacher binder.

Step 1. Tell us how you're sharing your Newsela expertise with your colleagues (and you might win a Newsela T-shirt!) 

You were selected as a Teacher Captain because we know that you're especially great at using Newsela in your classroom, and you have the most insight into how Newsela PRO can be a powerful tool in the classrooms of other educators in your school and district. Tell us how you're sharing Newsela with your colleagues by sending us a message here or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #NewselaTeacherCaptain.

Maybe you're showing another teacher how to find the perfect Newsela article, starting a school-wide conversation about election issues, or telling social studies teachers about Newsela's leveled primary sources. Whatever you're doing to share Newsela, we'd love to hear about it! In September, October, and November we will be randomly selecting participating Teacher Captains to receive limited edition Newsela t-shirts.

Step 2. Join the conversation on social media 

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

We use social media to keep our educators informed of the latest and greatest at Newsela.  We want you to help continue that conversation--we love retweeting messages from Newsela educators to help inspire other Newsela educators around the world to use Newsela in new and innovative ways. 

Join the Teacher Captain community on Facebook

As a Newsela PRO Teacher Captain, you’ll be invited via email to join the Newsela PRO Teacher Captains Facebook group. In this group, you’ll have the opportunity to share your best practices with a network of Newsela PRO Teacher Captains.  This is a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow Newsela enthusiasts and bounce ideas off of one another.

If you’re a Teacher Captain and didn’t get your welcome email, email us at [email protected] and we’ll invite you to the group.

Step 3. Viewing Newsela faculty members at your school

Want to connect with other teachers using Newsela at your school, or to invite teachers at your school to join Newsela? As a Teacher Captain, you can begin by seeing which faculty members have already registered for Newsela. To view faculty registration, click here or:

  1. Hover over your name on the Search and Navigation bar and choose FACULTY.
  2. A list of all faculty members associated with your school will display.
    NOTE: Use the Search faculty option to search for a specific faculty member.

Step 4. Helping faculty members join Newsela

Faculty members must join your school's Newsela account to take advantage of all Newsela PRO features. They have two options for registration:

  • Teachers can create an account by clicking "Sign Up" on the Newsela homepage and searching for your school. 
  • Teachers can also be invited using the Invite Faculty link (see Step 3 for help finding the Faculty Tab, or click here). Just copy the link, send it to them, and it will take them to a sign-up page for your school. For example, if I am a teacher at Hogwarts and I send colleagues this link, this is what they will see:

You may also want to send them a link to the Quick Start Guide for Teachers.

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