Simple Six Student Checklist

The Simple Six Student Checklist is a brief getting started guide to help motivate your learners to become Newsela ninjas! 

Teacher Instructions

How can we complete the Simple Six Student Checklists?


  • The checklist can serve as an independent classwork activity which students can complete during their introduction to Newsela.   


  • After introducing Newsela in class, you can assign the checklist as homework to have students review their Newsela skills and prepare for future lessons.

Digital Submission

  • While your students are completing each step, encourage them to take a  screenshots or a photo and submit them together in a folder or Tweet at your class Twitter account.

Create Your Own

  • Have another idea? We would love to know! Share how you were able to use the checklist on Facebook or Twitter @Newsela.

Check out our list below or modify based on the needs your classroom.

Simple Six Student Checklist

  • Sign Up Samurai

Now that you are a registered Newsela user, make sure to join a Class in your Settings with your teacher's Class Code or Class Link. Bonus Points: Join multiple classes from different teachers.

  • Radical Reader

Start your reading revolution and read your first article! Check your student Binder to see if you have any assignments from your teacher. Click on the article to begin reading.  

  • Awesome Annotater

While reading, find a new vocabulary word and select with your cursor. Highlight with a cool color. Next Annotate the definition using context clues or research where it says “write something”. 

  • Wonderful Writer

After reading answer Write prompt located with the pencil icon. Read the directions and submit to your teacher for review.

  • Quality Quizzer

Take your first Quiz to check your comprehension of the article. After you submit, make sure your review your answers. Remember: we learn from our mistakes. 

  • Super Searcher

Now that you’ve completed your first teacher assignment, search Newsela to find an article that is of high interest to you. Review the topics on the top of the homepage, are you a “Science” scholar or a “Health” nut? Extra Credit: Use the magnifying glass icon to search based on a keyword to find an article that is just right for you.

How can we share with Newsela? 

Social Media 

  • Post photos of completed checklists to Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.  
    • Tag us @Newsela
    • Use #NewselaGoals
    • Creativity Counts: Create a # that shows off your unique classroom voice.
  • We will re-Tweet and share our favorite posts.

A PDF version of the Simple Six Student Checklist and Teacher Instructions is attached below.

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