What is the Spring Sports Reading Extravaganza?

The Spring Sports Reading Extravaganza is an opportunity for students to read closely on Newsela and identify key ideas within sports articles. Once they solve the clues, they will place the answers in the crossword puzzle. It is a chance for students to engage with the articles and have some fun while they’re at it.

All Newsela Teachers can:

  • Share the link with students or print it out
  • Complete it as a group activity or make it individual work
  • Count it as a grade or make it for extra credit

All Newsela Students can:

Then, teachers will submit evidence of student completion to be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of our Newsela Prize Packs.

Helpful Hints for Teachers

  • If students fill out the puzzle online, you can tell your students to click on Show Errors and they can correct them before finishing the puzzle.
  • If students are stumped, they can search all Newsela articles by clicking the Magnifying Glass at the top-right corner of the Newsela page and entering key words from the clue.
  • If you would like the answers to the puzzle or additional clues, please email community@newsela.com with the subject line of Crossword Puzzle Resources and we will provide those for you.
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