Introduction to Newsela Elementary

What is Newsela Elementary?

Newsela Elementary is a version of Newsela made up of articles specifically curated by the Newsela team for younger readers, typically grades 2-6.

What are the criteria used to select articles for Newsela Elementary?

The Newsela editorial team selects articles for inclusion in Newsela Elementary by asking whether younger readers have the background knowledge and maturity to understand the article. Articles on Newsela Elementary do not include sensitive content (e.g. tragic events) or topics that require extensive background knowledge (e.g. politics).

How do my students get to Newsela Elementary?

If you have designated your classroom as Newsela Elementary, when your students sign into Newsela, they will get the Newsela Elementary experience, only seeing articles that are designated as Elementary articles.

Note: if a student is enrolled in both Elementary and non-Elementary classrooms, they will see all Newsela articles


How do I know which articles are Elementary?

You can use search the advanced search filter to select Elementary articles only.

To do this:

  1. Click Search Newsela at the top of the Newsela homepage.
  2. Click Advanced Search. (#PROtip: You can also click the Magnifying Glass next to Search Newsela.)
  3. In the left bar that reads Narrow Your Choices, scroll down and check the boxes underneath for Suggested for. Choose Lower Elementary or Upper Elementary.

Note: When you set one of your classrooms to Elementary, the Elementary filter will be turned on by default in your search results. You can always turn this on or off manually.

What if I want to share a non-Elementary article with my students?

Teachers ultimately know the content best-suited for their students. If you find an article that you would like to share with your students, simply assign it to your elementary class. This will allow your students to access the article from their accounts even if it is not an elementary article.

Why should I use Newsela Elementary?

Newsela Elementary makes it easy for teachers of younger readers to find articles that are thought-provoking, engaging and educational for their students. These articles contain no descriptions of or references to mature topics at any of our five reading levels. This ensures that younger students with above-grade reading skills can push themselves to engage with the highest level of the article without encountering content that is too mature.

For more information on how to access Newsela Elementary, click here

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