Introduction to Newsela Elementary

What is Newsela Elementary?

Newsela Elementary is a version of Newsela made up of articles that can be understood and enjoyed by younger readers. Newsela Elementary has its own public landing page at All articles on Newsela Elementary can also be found on, but not all articles from will be published on Newsela Elementary.

What are the criteria used to determine whether content is suited to Newsela Elementary?

The Newsela editorial team selects articles for inclusion in Newsela Elementary by asking whether younger readers have the background knowledge and maturity to understand the article and think about its deeper meaning. Newsela selects articles based on their relevance, interest level and importance. Some articles on can open up meaningful civic discussions for older readers who have the maturity to understand them.

Why should we use Newsela Elementary?

Newsela Elementary makes it easy for teachers of younger readers to find thought-provoking, engaging and educational articles that match the maturity level of their students. These articles contain no descriptions of or references to mature topics at any of our five reading levels. This assures that younger students with above-grade reading skills can push themselves to try the highest level of the article without encountering content that is too advanced for their age.

For more information on how to access Newsela Elementary, click here

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