Submitting Your Text Set to the Newsela Community

Text Sets are a way for teachers to share their innovative ideas with each other.

To make this the best possible experience for all our educators, we have come up with some helpful guidelines to keep in mind before sharing your creation with everyone.

I. Make sure you:

  • Name that Text Set.
    We love creativity here at Newsela and can’t wait to see how you link these articles together under one unifying title.
  • Add a detailed description.
    By divulging the details behind what connects all these articles, it will help other teachers see how they can apply it to their classrooms.
  • Save all your hard work.
    We’ve all had that moment when our work just seems to disappear. Click on the green save button so that your Text Set has everything in it when other educators access it.
  • Proofread for typos.
    Sometimes autocorrect completely changes our original word or sentence to       something that actually means the exact opposite. Take a few extra minutes to   proofread for dropped words and typos that elude spellcheck, just like we are       always encouraging our students to do.

II. Double-check that you:

  • Keep private information private.
    Privacy is really important to us. In order to ensure that everything is kept secure, please remove any identifying information about your students or your classes.
  • Toss out foul language.
    Sometimes, obscure or even four-letter words can slip into the title or description. Double-check that these don’t slip past your proofreading eyes.

We can’t wait to feature our teacher-created Text Sets on our website. Now that you have these guidelines, start searching for articles, creating Text Sets, and sharing them with everyone.

Please Note: Newsela reserves the right to remove any Text Sets that do not meet the guidelines outlined in Part II.  


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