Culture and Values (Mike Ward, 9-12)

Mike Ward

Mike Ward is a Social Studies teacher at Clintondale High School in Michigan.  He believes in cross-curricular instruction and Newsela helps him address literacy in all his Social Studies classes.  Mike is an outstanding teacher and his students leave his classroom with academic as well as life skills.  He loves his Newsela t-shirt and is a true Newsela champion at his school. 


Students will be able to identify and apply key terms and concepts to demonstrate an understanding of culture.  

Grade Level and Subject

High School, Sociology


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Mike went above and beyond and submitted extra resources. To see Mike's extra credit resources, click below. 

  • Click here to see step-by-step directions for how teachers could run the cultural activity
  • Click here to see student resources
  • Click here to see Mike's video about Newsela
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