Gaming and Health (Debra Rook, 6-8)

Debra Rook 

Debra is a Language Arts teacher at Chowan Middle School in Edenton, North Carolina. She uses Newsela to teach digital reading strategies, build writing skills, and track Lexile information to know how to grow every student. Debra loves using annotations to really push her students' thinking and engagement with what they're reading. She is a rockstar teacher at her school and truly goes above and beyond for her students. 


Students will synthesize annotated information from two nonfiction documents in a short constructed response.

Grade Level and Subject

8th grade, English Language Arts


Click here to see Debra's entire Write mini lesson

Debra went above and beyond and submitted extra resources.  To see Debra's extra credit resources, click below. 

  • Click here to see Debra's additional resources, which include Powerpoints, examples of student work, a video, and much more.
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