Citing a Newsela article

Citing sources is how good writers give credit to authors whose ideas have influenced their own writing. To cite articles from Newsela, first, decide the appropriate format to use. Then, follow the formatting instructions below so others can find the exact article you read.

Editorial note:

There are two ways to think about citing articles on Newsela. The MAX level is, more or less, the original piece from our one of our content partners that allows us to reproduce and adapt its content. To find the original author’s name, view the article at the MAX level and check the byline. This version may be edited slightly, but it is largely the original source. "Edited by Newsela Staff" is the phrasing that we recommend in a works cited.

For the other levels below MAX, a team of writers re-writes and adapts, by hand, each article. In this sense, Newsela is engaging in vertical translation of the text, adapting and simplifying it for different reading levels. This is done with attention to the original author's voice, background knowledge of the reader, and many other aspects of text complexity. No Newsela text is adapted by computers or via machine text simplification, which is why "Adapted by Newsela Staff" is the phrasing that we recommend in a works cited.

Works Cited MLA Format

When referencing a Newsela article in MLA format, use the following format:

Original Author's Last Name, First Name, and Additional Author. "Title of Article." Title

       of Newspaper via Newsela. Edited by Newsela Staff, Version Lexile, Date

       published, <URL>. Date of access (if applicable).


Beaumont, Thomas, and Julie Pace. “VP Debate: Kaine and Pence fight for their

       running mates.” Associated Press via Newsela. Edited by Newsela Staff, Version

       1190, 5 Oct. 2016,

Accessed 17 Jul. 2017.

Works Cited APA Format

When referencing a Newsela article in APA, use the following format:

Original Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Title of

       Newspaper via Newsela (Ed. Newsela Staff. Version Lexile). Retrieved from



Beaumont, T., & Pace, Julie. (2016, October 5). VP debate: Kaine and Pence fight for

       their running mates. Associated Press via Newsela (Ed. Newsela Staff. Version

       1190). Retrieved from        



La lista de referencias (Estilo MLA)

Para hacer citas en formato MLA:

Apellido del autor original, nombre del autor original, y nombre y apellido del segundo

       autor. Debate vicepresidencial: Kaine y Pence defienden a sus compañeros de

       papeleta. Associated Press a través de  Newsela  Adaptado por la redacción de

       Newsela, nivel de Lexile, fecha de publicación, <URL>.

Por ejemplo

Beaumont, Thomas, y Julie Pace. “Debate vicepresidencial: Kaine y Pence defienden

       a sus compañeros de papeleta.”  Associated Press a través de Newsela.

       Adaptado por la redacción de Newsela, al nivel 1070L, 10 de octubre de 2016,

La lista de referencias (Estilo APA)

Para hacer citas en formato APA:

Apellido del autor original, A. A., y autor, B. B. (Fecha: año, día, mes). Título del

       artículo. Título del artículo a través de Newsela (adaptado por la redacción

       de Newsela, nivel de Lexile). Disponible en: <URL>

Por ejemplo:

Beaumont, T., y Pace, Julie. (2016, 5 de octubre). Debate vicepresidencial: Kaine

       y Pence defienden a sus compañeros de papeleta. Associated Press a través

       de  Newsela (adaptado por la redacción de Newsela. Nivel 1190L). Disponible



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