Newsela’s Write Challenge

When we first released Newsela's Write feature, we asked our educators to participate in the Write Challenge.  This was an opportunity to show us how teachers were using the feature in their amazing schools.

We received many outstanding lessons and were blown away by how innovative our Newsela educators are. Click here to see the top mini lessons that were submitted for the Write Challenge.

What does each mini lesson include?

  1. School Information - Newesla Admin/Captain name, collaborating teachers’ names, school name and location.
  2. Objective or Learning Goal - A statement(s) about what students will learn from this particular activity; i.e. “Students will be able to ...”
  3. Grade Level, Subject Area and Learning Standard - If this activity only applies to one grade or subject or if it applies to all, please let us know. Also, please include the standard that this activity helps teach (i.e. a state standard, a school standard, a common core standard, etc.)
  4. The Newsela Article(s) that this activity can be applied to - If your activity is applicable to a particular article, or a set of articles, please include the link(s) and the headline(s) for the MAX level of the article. If your activity applies to all articles, please skip this step.
  5. Lesson Content – Summarize for us (in paragraphs or bullet points) how you will introduce the lesson to your students, how you will teach them the skills necessary to succeed, how you will allow them to practice with Write, and how you will assess their mastery.

How did teachers go above and beyond?

  • Student Artifacts*- If there is a particular example of completed work from this activity or an example of a student’s “ah-ha” moment from this activity, we would love to see it.
  • Handout or Powerpoint**- The information that was used to help present the information to the class.
  • Video***- If it is easier to literally take us into your school and show us a short 5-minute video of Write being used in a classroom, please feel free. Please do not include students’ faces as we do not want to violate anyone’s privacy.

What template did the teachers use?

Click here to check out the mini lesson template we created for teachers.

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